RED FORM system - The technical excellence!

Multi-purpose formwork RED FORM is currently one of the most popular system it utilizes
a totally new technology of forming systems manufacturing. RED FORM represents an innovative change
in manufacturing profiles retaining their former dimensions.

Wall formwork

Wall formwork

Is intended for ground and underground construction, building walls and columns of large monolithic constructions. Also, can be used to construct ceilings and foundations.

Handset formwork Large-panel formwork

Ceiling formwork

Used in the erection of ceilings of different thickness. Ring-lock scaffolding table formwork is for concrete slabs of a considerable thickness and at high altitude. Has a high supporting capacity and is easy to install and remove.

Telescopic Prop System Ring-lock scaffolding table formwork
Ceiling formwork
Removable formwork for waffle slabs

Removable formwork for waffle slabs

Lightweight slabs become more affordable with formwork for waffle slabs and one-way ribbed slabs. Empty space saves a lot of concrete.

Waffle slabs formwork One-way ribbed slabs

Non-removable formwork for waffle slabs

Allows you to create monolithic ventilated foundation and large spans with a flat surface that can withstand heavy loads. Gives essential savings and a significant technical advantages.

Formwork for voided slabs Formwork for monolithic
ventilated foundation
Non-removable formwork for waffle slabs
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